We invite you to read Bloom’s full consent policy here: https://bloomcommunity.com/consent

You can always reach our team at: [email protected]


Bloom Community believes that all people should be able to safely self-identify, self express, and organize. We recognize that non-consensual behavior and harm occur in all aspects of life. When it does, we expect that Bloom members will be accountable for any harm they may have caused and change their behavior in effort to reduce future harm.

Reporting Systems

Bloom has both automated and manual safety systems deployed on Bloom. These help detect and remove ill-intent players. (Human) employees review every automated or member report and assess to what extent there is a violation of the community guidelines.

Reports by Members are key to keeping the community safe.

We invite anyone to report a concern, big or small, through direct communication with our team.

Bloom distinguishes between Reporting a member and Blocking a member

When you Block a member, you won’t show up in each others’ profile suggestions, you won’t be able to match, and you won’t be able to have a private private chat. ‼️ You will still see the profile on event RSVP lists and on chats. We believe this allows for more safety and a higher level of informed choice. You can read more in this article: Why am I still seeing people I blocked on the app?

When you Report a member, someone on the Bloom team will review the profile and assess whether their behaviors violate Community Guideline and Terms of Service. If the Bloom team determines necessary, the account may be suspended. Suspended members will not be able to sign up for Bloom again.

How to Block or Report a Bloom member?

To access the form, click the “…” in the upper right hand corner of the profile you wish to block or report.